1. Hold Drugs Dear
    R.J. Bloke

  2. Supergloom

  3. Dread the Dawn
    Cassius King

  4. Cassette Week 2022

  5. Bad Man Down b/w Come On and Love Me
    Cassius King

  6. Teenage Gizzard
    King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

  7. The Scott Aicher EP

  8. New Distractions
    Dream Phases

  9. Cassette Week 2021

  10. Field Trip
    Cassius King

  11. Dukes / Lorenzo

  12. Take Me

  13. Traveler b/w Sight For Sore Eyes
    Cassius King

  14. Dead Fruit b/w Sleepy Boy

  15. Adrifting
    Kelley Stoltz

  16. Shiver

  17. The Emma Goldman Bust-Out Brigade
    The Emma Goldman Bust-Out Brigade

  18. Strange Weather
    Dirty Ghosts

  19. Last Ride
    Vessel of Light

  20. The Crunch
    Mike Post

  21. Thy Serpent Rise
    Vessel of Light

  22. Getting With You
    Christian Bland & The Revelators

  23. The Entire Universe
    Jeffertitti's Nile

  24. My Head Is My Only House
    Mike Watt and The Black Gang / East Meets West

  25. Too Far
    Boulevards & La Roux

  26. L.A. to Pedro
    Mike Watt and The Secondmen / Zig-Zags

  27. So Long, Yesterday
    Dream Phases

  28. Look Into The Light
    The Blank Tapes

  29. Hello Ghost
    Black Moon Tape

  30. New Junk City

  31. 10-12-18 rarities, b-sides, and more...
    Zig Zags

  32. EASY
    Paul Jacobs

  33. Ritual
    Timothy Eerie

  34. Leo's Rising
    Atlantis Aquarius

  35. Fun Babies
    The Potions

  36. It's All Happening

  37. Something I Don't Know
    Young Creatures

  38. Clear Skies // Maybe Tomorrow
    Dream Phases

  39. Bump
    The Skeletones

  40. Nibirian Sun
    Atlantis Aquarius

  41. The Salvation Of Morgane
    Black Moon Tape

  42. Great Eastern Sun
    Imaad Wasif

  43. OK to Land

  44. Polygondwanaland

  45. The Future Is Finally Now
    Young Creatures

  46. Zig-Zags Live On KXLU 88.9


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The label motto is "...where the music takes you!"
We are an indipendent record label born from the love of music, vinyl records, and art in 2017. Our eclectic tastes in music is evidenced in our catalog of bands. Like our name suggests we are Nomadic by nature and our taste in music reflects that. Life is a journey and so is music! ... more

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